6/11(thu) 『SIN-ON #26』 @FNOOB TECHNO RADIO

ロンドンのテクノ専門ラジオ局FNOOB TECHNO RADIOのマンスリープログラム『SIN-ON』、26回目はCHANGさんホスト回です。

ゲストは、フランスで活動している、Marco Gayoさんです。

2020.06.11(thu) 20:00~22:00(JP) ON AIR

20:00(JP)~ CHANG (HOST)
21:00(JP)~ Marco Gayo (GUEST from France)

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Marco Gayo (from France) PROFILE】 :

Label owner (Artcub Records) from the North-East of France.
Marco falls into electro music in the late 90s through several parties he went to in Belgium.
He has created the association Electro-Userz and has organized numerous events and festivals in France and Belgium since 2005.
In 2016, he has created the label Artcub Records which aims to offer techno music thanks to a new wave of international producers who, he wishes, will represent in the years to come the new underground scene.
Drawn to powerful, deep and mental techno music, he is influenced by artists like Jeff Mills, Derrick May, Dave Clarke, Slam, DVS1, Developer, Shifted, Truncate, etc…
However, he is not only focused on this style of music. He also likes real house-music and electronica represented by artists like Moodymann, Legowelt, Mr.G, Virginia, etc….
Acute digger, Marco has spent a lot of time searching for original tracks to offer something unique during his live shows. On vinyls or in digital, he is developing his signature sound over the years, with powerful mix and fast sequences.
He has mixed in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Luxembourg sharing stage with artists like Dave Clarke, Slam, Paul Kalkbrenner, Mark Broom, The Hacker, Oxia, Stacey Pullen, Shinedoe, Marco Bailey, etc….

SIN-ON, 2 hours monthly program of Fnoob Techno Radio hosted by Chang & AONO.

2018年7月よりChangとAONOがホストとなり、ロンドンのテクノ専門ネットラジオFnoob Techno Radio(から発信する4週間毎のマンスリープログラム。

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